How To Be Heard
and have people listen to you.

A guidebook to communicating with others

by R. H. Steffen

Dedicated to and inspired by
the countless confused and confusing
who just want to say what they mean,
mean what they say,
and have the rest of us
know what the heck they said.

COMMUNICATION will make or break your Life. Period.
The success you will have in both your professional and personal life is critically impacted by your level of communication. If you want to be heard and understood, simply apply what you learn within these pages and watch your world open up.

We live in a time where the ongoing deterioration of language and ever widening gap between intent and interpretation continues to be filled with assumption and misunderstanding. Our society has accepted casual communication as a way of life, while we wonder why people do not seem to be able to connect with each other or understand one another. Clear and concise communication will change your life and the lives of those around you.

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$5 .pdf

For less than the cost of
a good caramel macchiatto coffee,
I invite you to add to what you know
and what you don't know
about communication.

It will be the greatest breakthrough
in any area of your Life
that involves people.