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After all, it's what's on the inside that counts, right??







"At first glance, making a decision and making an excuse
might seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum.
After all, we're either going to make a decision, or make an excuse, right?
Looking further, though, we can see that they are actually tied together.
Excuses are often what whittle down our choices
so that our eventual decisions are arrived at by default -
stemming from the elimination of possibilities and opportunities.
With that in mind, our ability to make quality decisions is incredibly inhibited
by the excuses that we use in the process, the majority of which are created
not by conscious thought, but presented to us by our subconscious.
Once we understand the mechanisms in place that lead to these excuses
and why they are there, we can devise methods to not only unravel
their limiting power, but ultimately use them to our advantage.
Our first goal is to recognize and be aware of just
how good we are at making excuses in the first place.
Let me save you some time.
Youíre INCREDIBLE at making excuses.
We ALL are Ė and donít even know it.
Thatís why we need to get to the bottom of it!"


Why so many different titles and covers, you ask?

Because I didn't want to use the excuse of not having the "perfect" title
or "just the right" cover get in the way of making this available to you.
Yes, YOU.

You and I interract with people daily who create brilliant excuses as to why things are the way they are -
people who believe that their supposed circumstances are beyond and out of their control.
99% of the time they aren't even aware they're doing it.

Guess what?
You probably met your first one in the mirror this morning and didn't even realize it.

Now I can come up with 20 reasons why you should read this book, and that's just a start -
and you could come up with 20 excuses as to why you don't need to - you have the skills & experience!
But it really boils down to this:

You only need 1 reason to buy this book, and you only need 1 excuse not to.

And let me give you a little secret - no charge;

You've only ever needed 1 excuse to keep you from everything you've ever wanted in your life.


I have a limited number of these copies - when they're gone, they're gone.
That's not some sales pitch - it's literally true.
When they're gone - they will have to be ordered from the publisher at a higher cost.

Now, if you're going to let $7 stand between you and the possibility of changing your life:
1) You need this book more than you think you do.
2) You're due for a check up from the neck up.
3) Your ability to make excuses is working great
4) All of the above.
(the correct answer is 4)

And if that sounds too harsh, it's because I'm tired of making my own excuses
as to why I'm not sharing this with those who would benefit the most.

There's a good chance that's still you, FYI.

I happen to believe that your being able to live a life you
enjoy waking up to is worth the cost of a coffee & bagel.

Truth be told, I don't think you can put a price on it...